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For a more comfortable bathroom: floor-level showers.

JACKOBOARD®: The beauty of barrier-free shower elements.

The simplest way to create a modern, barrier-free bathroom.

Today’s bathrooms are evolving from mere “washrooms” to well-being spaces designed and furnished according to personal preferences. That trend includes barrier-free showers that combine comfort and aesthetic design in perfectly attractive harmony.

The wide range of JACKOBOARD® floor-level shower elements offers you high quality products for every installation configuration and for every taste. Made of thermally insulating XPS material, they feature a CNC-milled fall and a variety of drainage solutions and special coatings. These wheelchair-accessible showers are easy to work with and their rapid installation can be finished immediately by customized tiling without the need for preparatory work. Are you ready to create a wellness bathroom with JACKOBOARD®?

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JACKOBOARD Aqua line pro - Barrier-free shower elements for creative bathroom design.
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