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Secure and proven: Gravelled inverted roof.

JACKODUR®: Durable insulation for functional flat roofs.

The graveled inverted roof.

The simplest structural configuration of a JACKODUR® inverted roof is as a gravelled inverted roof. In this tried and tested method, the insulation protects the roof membrane and provides a secure roof structure. The breathable JACKODUR® filter layer WA is laid on the insulation boards to stabilize subsequent layers and repel moisture. Installed on top of the insulation and non-woven material as surface protection, the gravel layer then protects the roof and the insulation from UV radiation and mechanical effects.
Image 1 / 4: 03-002-JACKODUR-roof edge detail - inverted gravel roof
Image 2 / 4: 03-025-JACKODUR- inverted roof with concrete slabs on a gravel bed
Image 3 / 4: 03-006-JACKODUR-roof edge detail - inverted gravel roof with a thermal bridge free roof drain
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