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Bath renovation with JACKOBOARD® construction boards.

The solution for smooth walls and even floors.

No matter the substrate, JACKOBOARD® construction boards straighten up walls and floor fast.

Bathroom design essentially depends on even floors and smooth walls that are easy to work with and to finish. JACKOBOARD® construction boards let you create ideal conditions for bathroom design. The even out irregularities and decouple cracks, and their outstanding thermal insulation properties effectively save energy costs. JACKOBOARD® wall and floor boards are made of water-repellent, thermally insulating XPS material – which makes them ideally suited for rooms with high moisture loading. They are available in a wide range of formats and thicknesses and easy to work with, and their special coating makes it possible to use and finish them with a variety of materials without the need for preparatory work. Special elements even facilitate pipe cladding. Complete installation instructions are available in our download area.
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JACKOBOARD Plano - The construction board for customized bath design.
JACKOBOARD Plano - Construction board for wall applications.
JACKOBOARD Plano Premium - For applications with wall paper, paint, tile, plaster or filler.
JACKOBOARD - Construction boards for customized bathroom furniture and installations.
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