Installation elements for a creative interior work

Creative bathroom ideas are easy to put into practice with JACKOBOARD construction boards: the water-repellent XPS boards, with their special coating on both sides, offer a long-lasting solution to every idea.
JACKODUR XPS for industrial application


Thermal insulating and formwork system for floor plates

Not only is base-plate perimeter insulation very easy with JACKODUR Atlas, it is also free of thermal bridges: the patented connection system in XPS rigid foam panels is produced exactly to size, and after laying also acts as concrete formwork. The system is specifically designed to eliminate thermal bridges. JACKON Insulation – systematic efficiency.

JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready, the new seamless shower element with a mineral-based surface

Durable, leak-proof and no tiling required: the new JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready Find out more

JACKOBOARD Plano Premium

New construction board for interior design work Find out more

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