Bath panelling

Installing personalised bath panelling is now very straightforward with JACKOBOARD Plano.

For simple, vertical bathtubs, we recommend the prefabricated bathtub element JACKOBOARD Wabo.

  • To create the bath panelling, a supporting structure is built using 50-mm JACKOBOARD construction boards and glued with JACKODUR assembly adhesive.
  • Additional board retaining walls are glued to the wall and floor at a distance of about 40 cm using JACKODUR assembly adhesive.
  • The JACKOBOARD construction board is cut to the right shape and glued onto the supporting structure as a panel using JACKODUR assembly adhesive.
  • The bathtub can then be positioned in the recess.
  • The pre-fabricated JACKOBOARD bathtub element is an alternative product that can be used for simple, vertical bathtubs.
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