JACKOBOARD Accessories


  • Special adhesive and sealing agent
  • For gluing JACKODUR and JACKOBOARD
  • For sealing JACKOBOARD construction board joints in wet areas
  • One cartridge is sufficient for approx. 9 running meters
  • Cartridges made from PE, solvent-free PU-based adhesive
  • Solvent-free, PU-based adhesive
  • For gluing JACKODUR and JACKOBOARD
  • Very fast curing
  • Cartridge gun available on request
  • One cartridge is sufficient for approx. 10 running meters

Sealing set

  • For completely tight Joint seals in shower Areas
  • Sealing set consisting of 1 x powder component, 1 x loquid component, 10 m sealing tape, 2 x sealing corners


  • For sealing passage holes for pipes through JACKOBOARD construction elements in wet rooms

Glass fibre tape

  • For reinforcing the abutting edges of JACKOBOARD elements
  • Self-adhesive

Sealing tape

  • For sealing the abutting edges of JACKOBOARD elements in wet areas
  • With a central rubber coating

4 E corners

  • Prefabricated corners for sealing JACKOBOARD elements in wet areas

Construction board disk

  • Galvanized steel insulation board disk
  • dia. 36 mm
  • Internal dia. 36 mm
  • 5 pcs/m²


  • For fastening JACKOBOARD Canto or JACKOBOARD Plano

Metal disc plugs

  • For mounting JACKOBOARD Plano
  • 5 pcs/m²
  • Dowel hole ø 8 mm

More information

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