Insulating basement ceilings

A frequent complaint in ground-floor apartments is that of cold floors. As the basement ceiling is often not insulated against the unheated basement, relatively low temperatures occur on the upper surface. This leads to high energy losses and sometimes even to mould formation.

The problem is easily solved with insulation on the lower surface of the basement ceiling. In case of solid ceilings, insulation boards are glued or dowelled onto the basement ceiling. The thickness of the insulating material is determined by the available ceiling height in the basement and by the remaining height for window and door lintels.

  1. Reinforced concrete ceiling
  2. JACKODUR Gefiniert

For basement ceiling insulation, JACKODUR® KF 300 Gefiniert GL with a textured, waffled surface, is suitable for direct plastering. Glue, and if necessary dowel, the JACKODUR Gefiniert insulation boards with a mineral adhesive and reinforcement mortar onto the basement ceiling.

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