Thermal bridge insulation

Thermal bridges are areas in which the heat is transported to the outside more quickly than through the other components. The prevention of thermal bridges is important not only for reasons of energy saving, but also for hygienic and health reasons. Thermal bridges are divided into geometric thermal bridges (e.g. building corners, overhanging balconies and window lintels) and material thermal bridges (caused by the materials, e.g. reinforced-concrete columns in a brick wall).

JACKODUR Gefiniert with waffled surface is ideally suited for use as thermal bridge insulation for concrete components. Its textured surface provides excellent adhesive tensile values (≥ 0,2 N/mm²), creating a non-positive connection to the concrete.

You can lay the JACKODUR Gefiniert insulation boards, closely butted and in a bond pattern, on the formwork shell before concreting.

  1. Timber formwork
  2. JACKODUR Gefiniert
  3. Clout nail

When using JACKODUR Gefiniert extruded foam boards on the underside of ceilings or similar, we recommend additionally securing them with anchors. For this, you can use any commercially available plastic nails with a minimum head diameter of ≥30 mm and an anchorage depth in concrete of ≥50 mm.


4. Anchor

Once the thermal insulation has been concreted, three different versions of plaster finish are possible according to the information sheet on installing and plastering extruded polystyrene foam boards with rough or waffled surfaces used as thermal bridge insulation.

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