Inverted roofs

An inverted roof is basically a single-leaf, unventilated flat or shallow-pitched roof, in which, contrary to (or in an inversion of – hence its name) the “normal flat roof” the thermal insulation lies on top of the waterproofing and is therefore exposed to the elements. It is therefore not the waterproofing that protects the thermal insulation, but the thermal insulation that protects the waterproofing.

Inverted roofs differ in the various superstructures above the thermal insulation. However, the basic concept that the thermal insulation is laid on top of the waterproofing remains the same for all types. The very wide range of possible applications – extensive or intensive roof greening, gravel cover, or load bearing either as a terraced roof or as a parking deck – illustrates the fundamental requirements for thermal insulation: it must be extremely water resistant, and have excellent dimensional stability and load capacity.


  • inverted roof system with thermal insulation and filter layer
  • protects the waterproofing from the weather and extends its service life
  • laid in a single layer up to 320-mm thick
  • comes with general building approval for use as thermal insulation system for inverted roofs
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