Atlas complete system

JACKODUR Atlas can also be manufactured as a complete system, rather than being constructed on the building site, where the individual elements still have to be cut to size.

JACKODUR Atlas is made to measure, based on the architect's specifications. The individual elements are systematically packed and delivered straight to the building site, together with an installation plan.

The system is precisely cut to size and only needs to be joined together on the building site. There is no further need to cut or adapt any of the elements, or to strip the formwork or provide side supports.

Atlas laying plan

  • The JACKODUR Atlas complete system is supplied with a laying plan
  • The material is delivered to the building site on pallets with clearly visible packing slips
  • The laying plan indicates both the direction of installation and order in which to use the numbered elements
  • The laying plan ensures a safe and fast installation process


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