JACKODUR Accessories

JACKODUR perimeter adhesive foam

  • A solvent-free single-component polyurethane adhesive
  • Lambda: 0,0354 W/(m.K)
  • Secure bonding of JACKODUR® thermal insulation
  • Seals joints and recesses in the insulating layer without leaving thermal bridges
  • Supplied with adapter hose

Assembly adhesive

  • cartridges in PE, solvent-free, PU-based adhesive
  • for gluing XPS and construction boards
  • very fast curing
  • cartridge gun available on request
  • yield per cartridge approx. 10 RM

Insulation board discs

  • in stainless steel
  • ø 36 mm
  • hole diameter ø 5.5 mm

Insulation board discs

in plastic
ø 60 mm
hole diameter ø 5 mm

Insulation board discs

  • galvanised insulation board discs
  • ø 50 mm
  • hole diameter ø 5 mm


  • special adhesive and sealing agent
  • for gluing XPS and construction boards
  • for sealing construction-board joints in wet areas
  • yield per cartridge approx. 9 RM

Cladding pins

  • ETA-04/0023 approval
  • anchor depth ≥ 25 mm
  • ø 8/60 mm
  • universal use for all substrates
  • incl. stopper
  • screw dowel

S-type nails

  • for hammering into timber sub-frames
  • galvanised impact screw
  • anchor depth ≥ 25 mm
  • white heads with plastic core
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