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Durable, leak-proof and no tiling required: JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready

The launch of JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready, the new seamless shower element with a mineral-based surface, confirms Jackon Insulation's status as an innovator. This new shower element with a mineral-based surface combines aesthetics, durability and rapid installation. JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready offers an excellent alternative to synthetic shower elements. Its high quality surface eliminates the need to tile this shower element. That saves the user both time and material.

A seamless shower element that's lightweight and durable.

The practicality of a shower element is defined by its maintainability, weight, strength and accessibility. Easy to install, JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready also weighs just 7.5 kg. It features a mineral-based surface made of acrylic resin bonded to an extruded polystyrene (XPS) substrate. That seamless mineral-based surface provides significantly greater compressive strength and impact resistance than synthetic surfaces do. Its attractive simplicity and flush-to-the-floor configuration ensure wheelchair access. Supplied with a stainless steel drainage grate, JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready brings high-end design to the shower area.

Repairable and perfectly leak-proof surface

A sealing strip integrated into the shower element along both sides ensures correct and secure installation. And the seamless surface also makes cleaning easy. Mould and the build-up of soap residues along the joints are a thing of the past.

Another plus: its repairable surface can be roughened with an abrasive sponge, thereby regaining its original condition.

A range of shower elements for new construction and renovation work

With its JACKOBOARD Aqua range, JACKON Insulation offers a broad spectrum of shower elements. They are suitable for all configurations by providing a 100% leak-proof seal. JACKOBOARD Aqua Line Pro is compatible with all types of tile from 6 to 21 mm thick, JACKOBOARD Aqua Flat is specifically designed to be incorporated into wooden flooring, and JACKOBOARD Aqua Reno features a very high drainage rate of 0.5 l/s. Created for use in both new construction and renovation work, these shower elements of the JACKOBOARD Aqua line are ready for tiling.

JACKOBOARD Aqua Ready technical data:

Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm, 140 x 90 cm

Thickness: 4.4 cm

Weight: 7.5 kg (90 x 90 cm)


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