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JACKOBOARD Plano Premium: New construction board for interior design work - The universal construction board

JACKON Insulation is launching JACKOBOARD Plano Premium, its new high-end board for interior design. Its surface can be covered immediately with paint, wallpaper, tiles or plaster, making it extremely versatile.

A multi-purpose construction board

With its core of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and its non-woven coating, JACKOBOARD Plano Premium is easy to work with, rot resistant and stable. Its special coating in non-woven fabric means that the board can be covered with practically any kind of material: tiles, wallpaper or paint. A wallpapered section and a tiled area can therefore be created on the same wall with no problem at all.

Tapered edges for a perfectly level surface

JACKOBOARD Plano Premium is insulating, light and solid, so is ideal for cladding walls or floors, bathtubs, washstands and storage solutions, or even for building furniture. Another advantage is that its tapered edges ensure that the surface is perfectly level once the glass-fibre tape and filler have been applied. This is essential for a precision finish, whether this be with decorative painting or a thin plaster layer. The new construction board is available in different formats.

A cost-effective solution for interior design work

Thanks to its reduced weight and ease of use, it saves the installer time during fitting and therefore reduces costs.

Technical specifications:

- Construction board for all finishes

- Special non-woven fabric on both sides

- Taper edge of 4 x 80 mm for a level surface

- Easy to cut to size

- Can be used on virtually any substrate

- Suitable for wallpaper, paint, tiles, filler and plaster

- Great compressive strength > 200 kPa

- Formats: 130 x 60 cm, 260 x 60 cm

- Thicknesses: 10 mm in 130 x 60 cm format / 12.5 mm, 20 mm,
30 mm et 50 mm in 260 x 60 cm format

- Low weight: approx. 3–6 kg/m2




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