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JACKODUR® Foundation shuttering

Foundation shuttering and XPS thermal bridge insulation in one.

Permanent shuttering with insulating effect: JACKODUR® Foundation shuttering.

JACKODUR® Foundation shuttering made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) combines thermal insulation and shuttering in one. The elements remain in the foundation as permanent formwork, thereby providing continuous protection against thermal bridges. JACKODUR® foundation shuttering is fast and economical to install and its dual function as shuttering and insulation effectively saves time at the construction site.

Product characteristics JACKODUR® Foundation shuttering:

  • Shuttering and thermal bridge insulation in one
  • Good compressive strength, dimensional stability, moisture resistance, and rot resistance
  • Highly efficient insulation with thermal conductivity from 0.035 W/(m·K)

 Benefits JACKODUR® Foundation shuttering:

  • Time and cost-saving installation
  • No need to remove shuttering
  • Effective and durable protection against thermal bridges

Ideal application:

  • Permanent shuttering in individual footings and strip foundations
  • To prevent thermal bridges


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