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JACKODUR® Insulation shuttering Plus

Effective formwork and highly efficient XPS thermal insulation for concrete slabs.

Permanent formwork and high-performance insulation in one.

Made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), JACKODUR® Insulation shuttering Plus is an economical and highly effective solution for creating concrete slab formwork while insulating and protecting against thermal bridges at the same time. JACKODUR® Insulation shuttering Plus insulates 25% more effectively than comparable products and serves as permanent formwork for concrete slabs. With their “gefiniert” waffle-pattern surface, the elements need no pretreatment before plastering.

 Product characteristics  JACKODUR® Insulation shuttering Plus:           

  • Highly efficient insulation with thermal conductivity of λD = 0.027 W/(m·K)
  • Fast and economical installation, rot-proof
  • Thickness: 60 mm, heights of 160–250 mm and 1250 mm length
  • Good compressive strength, dimensional stability and moisture resistance

 Benefits JACKODUR® Insulation shuttering Plus:

  • Slab edge formwork, thermal insulation and plaster base in one
  • Integral protection against thermal bridges
  • “Gefiniert” waffle-pattern surface for good plaster adhesion

Ideal application:

  • Permanent formwork for concrete slabs
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