General sustainability

Sustainability has two principal meanings for JACKON Insulation.

  1. JACKON Insulation GmbH has installed a sustainability management system that provides for the aspects of quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001, and the management of health and safety at work according to ISO 18001 and parts of ISO 26001, "Social Responsibility". Within the sustainability management system, the different goals and measures are assigned to the three classic dimensions of sustainability: ecology, economy and social responsibility. A comprehensive corporate policy spans all three dimensions.
  2. Thanks to their thermal insulation properties, all JACKON Insulation products contribute to energy-efficient, sustainable building. The issue of sustainable building, with its implications for the product stewardship of the building materials manufacturer, plays a central role for JACKON Insulation.

In this regard, the company aims to ensure as great a transparency as possible towards our customers, staff, suppliers, neighbours and the public authorities by issuing regular reports. Every stakeholder is encouraged to contact JACKON Insulation on the issue of sustainability.

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Entwicklung & Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

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39619 Arendsee, OT Mechau

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